Student Outreach Programme


student outreach business benefits

Our Student Outreach Programme will help your business advertise to university students.

We established the Student Outreach Programme to help build and grow brands' presence on university campuses across the UK - enabling them, in time, to attract the best graduates to their businesses.

The Student Outreach Programme is Give A Grad A Go's network of the UK's top universities and student bodies. Through the programme, we look to engage with students currently still in education, with the aim to grow our own on-campus brand, as well as that of our clients.

Our mission is to challenge and ultimately shift the common perception of the graduate jobs market amongst student bodies – and to demonstrate to them the advantages of securing a graduate job (as opposed to pursuing a graduate scheme).

We currently sponsor a number of student societies - ranging from departmental societies such as Computer Science and Business, to those which focus on nurturing the student body's entrepreneurial spirit.

What all of these societies have in common is that they have a shared interest in providing services to promote employability, and enhance the career prospects of undergraduates.

We are currently partnered with societies in 14 of the UK's top universities.

We already have plans in place to further expand our network in terms of the number of universities, societies, and ultimately students, that we reach.

With access to our extensive student network, your business will be able to compete with larger graduate employers, who often monopolise the attention of university students on-campus.

Brand awareness

Our Student Outreach Executive will be able to advise your company on the best ways to execute a successful on-campus promotional campaign. Whether it is through indirect or direct messaging, your business will gain invaluable exposure amongst societies and will be able to effectively advertise to students.

Recruiting graduates

The calibre of the student societies we sponsor means that their members tend to be highly engaged and commercially aware individuals. Our Student Outreach Programme will grant you access to these undergraduates – giving you the upper hand when it comes to connecting with top graduate talent.


Our Student Outreach Executive is dedicated to growing and overseeing our university network. We will work closely with you to learn about your objectives, decide which societies are best to advertise to, and ensure that you market your business to the right students.


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