Sally Evans

Head of Operations

I manage the operations at Give A Grad A Go so it's my job to make sure the company runs smoothly. By analysing our current processes, I implement best practice methods to provide our clients and graduates with an excellent service.

My area of expertise

My background in Office Management and IT Support has prepared me for the ever growing and fast-paced nature of Give A Grad A Go. 

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

After an extended gap year, I came in to see the guys at Give A Grad A Go to help me with the graduate job hunt. I was struggling to find the job I was really looking for and it turns out Give A Grad A Go had exactly that! I loved the atmosphere in the office and haven't looked back since.

The worst job I've had

During the long summers of university, I once took a job as an Office Assistant where I had to scan and archive 5 filing cabinets worth of invoices, many dating back to before I was born. It took 3 months of sitting in an office on my own but I survived!

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