Lydia Hickson

Marketing Executive

I'm Give A Grad A Go's Marketing Executive - my role is to think of new creative ways to engage our graduates and students, and build up our online community.

My area of expertise

I primarily work on student content, from online blogs to social media, I'm focused on creating fantastically useful content for our graduates! I love how creative and varied the role is it, and that at Give A Grad A Go every idea is listened to!

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

I chose Give A Grad A Go both because of the role and the company culture. Working in a lively environment with likeminded people and doing a job that really interests me – it was a win win! What also attracted me to the company was the work ethic of everyone that works here, working in a team of people who strive for the best is really motivating!

The worst job I've had

One summer whilst I was at University I chose to work behind the bar at a music festival, sold on the idea of being able to ‘earn, whilst seeing your favourite artists!’, sadly the reality was 12 hour shifts, camping in the rain and serving angry teenagers… a little different!

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