Jessica Ching

Digital Content & Marketing Executive

I'm Give A Grad A Go's Digital Content & Marketing Executive, so I write orignal copy for the business. My time is primarily split between writing job specs, blog posts for our Employer Blog and Graduate Blog, and pieces of copy for social media, email marketing and online collateral.

My area of expertise

My English Literature degree definitely helped to prepared me for the heavy writing aspect of my job. I produce a range of content for a number of very different purposes - and I enjoy adapting my writing to each one of these.

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

I saw the job on the Give A Grad A Go website and thought it looked like something I’d be interested in as I've always been interested in producing content. I’d never considered working for a recruitment agency before, but as soon as I visited the office I loved the atmosphere and decided that Give A Grad A Go was definitely somewhere I wanted to work!

The worst job I’ve had

I once worked at a high-street chocolate shop, where I had to pipe icing onto chocolate. Valentine’s Day was the worst – piping someone's love letter onto a tiny chocolate bar is no mean feat!

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