James Godden

Candidate Resourcer

I'm a Graduate Candidate Resourcer, so I discuess with career goals with candidates, and relay their information on to our Graduate Recruitment Consultants who will find the perfect role for them.

My area of expertise

Give A Grad A Go delivers great insight to a range of sectors. I love working in a variety of industries as it offers the opportunity for greater learning and ensures each day is more and more interesting. Having been exposed to the sales industry from an early stage in my career, I find this to be my area of expertise and interest.

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

It was clear from the second I stepped through the door this was the company for me. With the friendly greetings from every staff member, to the funky music playing through the speakers - this company has a vibe like no other. Their dedication to helping graduates resonates with me, having been a graduate looking for work myself. A common day here is informative and challenging, but not without its laughs and cheerful disposition.

The worst job I've had

Having been quite fortunate throughout my employment history, there is only one job which holds this mantle. Whilst between jobs I took on a role which was intended only to be temporary. The job entailed packaging canvas prints for a small-scaled family business. Worse than their general business management (or lack there of) was their employee treatment. Temporary soon became half a year, but I am glad to say I made it out and never looked back.

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