Eleanor Wright

Senior Candidate Resourcer

I'm a Graduate Candidate Resourcer, so I speak to candidates about their career goals and aims, and send their information on to a Graduate Recruitment Consultant who will be able to find the right role for them.

My area of expertise

Having been in recruitment for just 3 months I'm still enjoying getting to know all the different areas, but so far I definitely enjoy working on roles with start-ups and SMEs especially Fintechs. Its so exciting getting to know these innovative companies in their early stages and finding the best candidates to contribute to their development!

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

The company culture at Give A Grad A Go was definitely a big part of the reason I chose to work here, everyone is so friendly and energetic, and I knew I'd be getting a lot of support in my first role out of uni. Also I really warmed to the idea of graduate recruitment, as I know first hand how stressful and daunting the process can be, and what a difference a considerate recruitment consultant can make! The opportunity to be the person making that difference to candidates was too tempting to pass up.

The worst job I've had

I once worked as a promoter for a bar in Gibraltar while I was doing my A-levels, and standing outside alone trying to entice people in while the party was going on without me was no fun at all!

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