Dominic Ryder

Recruitment Consultant

I'm a Graduate Recruitment Consultant at Give A Grad A Go. I help companies find their ideal candidates, and candidates find their ideal roles.

My area of expertise

As a Recruitment Consultant, I work on a variety of roles ranging from marketing and sales, to software development and data analysis. As I studied Environmental Science at university though, I'd like to say my area of expertise would be roles in the sustainability and energy sectors. I also have a keen interest in the arts and media.

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

All the jobs I've had in the past have been heavy in communication and client interaction, so I knew this was one of my strengths. I signed up to Give A Grad A Go and after being pitched a couple of different graduate jobs, I was asked to come in for an interview. I quickly realised a job in graduate recruitment would really fit my skillset - and that the welcoming team and warm office environment were just what I'd been looking for!

The worst job I've had

I've been very lucky in that there hasn't been a job I've done which has been wholly terrible - I think you can always find something interesting in every job role out there. However, my worst moment in employment was almost certainly when I worked at an aquarium and had to break up a full-on fight between two angry parents!

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