Cameron Hail

Head Resourcer

I work as Head Resourcer, leading the resourcing team and making sure that they provide the very best service to our candidates. I also handle a lot of our internal hiring - speaking to candidates who could be a good match for the Give A Grad A Go team!

My area of expertise

As Head Resourcer, I work across a range of roles and sectors - although much of my focus is on graduate jobs in Banking & Finance and FinTech, as well as our internal hiring. I also get involved in a lot of our university outreach, building relationships with current students in preparation for their job search.

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

Recruitment has always appealed to me, but Give A Grad A Go felt like an especially good fit. As a recent graduate, the company seemed completely relatable. I also wanted to work in a fun, young and vibrant office, and in a role that would challenge me and allow me to grow career-wise – it’s safe to say that both of these criteria have been fulfilled!

The worst job I've had

The worst job I’ve had definitely has to be working at department store in Birmingham. It was always incredibly busy, plus the store was a logistical nightmare!

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