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How It Works

Give A Grad A Go take pride in being the UK’s graduate recruitment and careers experts – our aim is to help you get the graduate job that you've worked so hard for.

We’ve helped to start over 2,000 graduate careers and we would like yours to be next (and that’s whether you’re fresh out of university or with a few years work experience).

This page should help to answer any questions you have about our placement process to from registering with us right up until your first day. If you have any questions that haven't been answered below, then please get in touch.

Join Us

Our job is to try and help you to get the graduate job that perfectly matches your career ambitions. To do this we need to find out more about you, your background, your skills and what you actually want out of your career. If you don’t know yet that’s fine… We might be able to help you figure that out too.

By using our bespoke Career Builder during the registration process, we learn about your career objectives as you fill out the form.

So, by the time you’ve completed the Career Builder (which takes minutes to do), your profile will automatically direct you to the graduate jobs that best match what you’re looking for, which means no more scrolling through endless job descriptions.

So what are you waiting for? Register with Give A Grad A Go!


Once you’re registered you can then apply for any of our opportunities on our Graduate Jobs board. We’ve made the application process super easy so you can use any of the CVs you have stored on your profile, or upload a tailored CV you’ve created for a specific application.

You can store different versions of your CV on your profile, so when you find the role you like, all you need to do is select the right CV and send. We’ll always reply to every application you make.

You can keep track of how all your applications are getting on over on your dashboard.


Our recruitment team reads every application that comes through to us. If your application makes in onto a shortlist – i.e. we think you might be a good fit for a job – we’ll give you a call within a few working days.

We’ll talk through your CV, find out why you think you’ll be great for the job and tell you more about the company. After this, if we’re certain you’ll be a good fit and you still like the sound of the role, we’ll send your CV and profile over to the company – it’ll be their final decision on if you get asked to interview, so fingers crossed.

Interview & Feedback

We’ll help you prepare for every interview you get through us.

And we’ll be on hand after each one to get your feedback and let you know what the company think of you.

If you get the job – well done! We’ll organise your start date, contract and references, so all you need to do is update your Facebook status and watch the ‘like’s roll in.

If you’re unlucky, we’ll get as much Feedback as we can from the company and keep you in mind for similar roles that come up. We put all of our latest jobs up on our jobs board and you’ll find the best matching ones on your profile, so be sure to keep checking in.

We can’t promise you’ll find a job through us, but we’ll do everything we can to help you get on your way to finding the right graduate job for you.


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