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Whether you’re an SME looking to hire Marketing Graduates or a global company building your Advertising Team; Give A Grad A Go can offer you first-class Graduate Marketing Recruiting Services that are completely tailored to your needs.

Since 2009, we've supported the growth of over 800 companies, with 90% using us on a repeat basis, recruiting for job roles ranging from Junior, entry-level hiring, to Senior Management for graduate's who have progressed and looking for their 2nd and 3rd career moves.

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What our Clients say about us

"Our Account Manager has been our go-to contact at Give A Grad A Go for the last two years. In that time she has successfully placed two (now recently three) candidates within our company - both of whom are still working for us and we couldn't be happier.

Give A Grad A Go's communication was excellent and they made a real effort to work closely with us to decipher exactly the right kind of people for our business."

Stephen, Commercial Director, Digital Marketing Platform



Why choose Give A Grad A Go over other Advertising and Marketing Recruitment Companies?


Need to hire Marketers quickly? We can send you incredible graduates within 48 hours, with no obligation to hire and no upfront costs.​ Our average time to fill a role is just 13 working days at the moment (the industry average is 42 days), demonstrating how exceptional our graduate talent pool is right now.

What else makes Give A Grad A Go the best Marketing and Advertising Recruitment Company?


Recruitment Expertise
Bespoke Recruitment
Unbeatable Candidates

10+ Years' Experience

With over 10 years' experience recruiting Marketing staff for UK businesses, we have refined our advertising and marketing recruiting strategies and know how to hire the right marketing talent for you. Whether you're looking to hire a Digital Marketing employe or hire Content Writer,there are many great benefits of hiring graduates.


We're different from other marketing recruitment companies, providing extra support with career micro-sites, assessment days, as well as onboarding employees; providing a 360 recruitment service tailored specifically to your business needs. Find out more about our Recruitment Services and how we can help you grow.


Receiving thousands of CVs every week, we have over 300,000 graduates in our database and 49.5% have Marketing or Advertising experience on their CV. We are never short of excellent, graduate advertising and marketing talent to add to your team, with 84% of our candidates graduating with a 1st, 2.1 or Masters degree.

Recruitment Expertise

10+ Years' Experience

As the UK's leading Graduate Recruitment Agency, winning Recruitment Awards year on year, we have the experience whether you're looking to hire Digital Marketing employees or hire a Content Writer.

Bespoke Recruitment

Bespoke Service

From temp-to-perm and contract hires, to assessment days and marketing support, we can tailor our range of Graduate Marketing Recruitment Services completely bespoke to you.

Unbeatable Candidates

Unbeatable Candidates

We have a huge database of over 300,000 candidates, and 42% have either 'Marketing' or 'Advertising' on their CV. We are certain that we can match the perfect candidates to your roles.



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Top tips for Advertising and Marketing Hiring


1. Know your job criteria

Are you looking to hire a Marketing Consultant? Or perhaps you want to hire Digital Marketing experts? Or maybe you specifically need to hire a Social Media Marketer?

There are many different types of marketing job role, so if you're looking for Marketing Executives, it's a good idea that you share with your Account Manager the exact criteria of the role.

Our Specialist Marketing Recruiters will be able to suggest some other suitable job titles that you might not have thought about. A few slight changes to your job title or job description could result in bringing in candidates which are even more suited to your job requirements.

2. Know your industry

Give A Grad A Go has partnerships with most of the UK's top Universities and so we can easily find candidates who have studied a specific course or attended a certain University.

We offer a more bespoke service than other Advertising Recruitment Specialists or Graduate Marketing Recruitment Agencies in London. We don't just find marketing professionals, we will ensure that you hire marketing professionals who have a real passion for your industry whether that be Agency, In-House, Creative, Tech, B2B or B2C.

3. Know your salary bracket

All marketing employment agencies will agree that when you hire a marketing professional, you need to ensure you offer a wage that reflects the value and experience of the individual. For example, if you're looking to hire a marketing team and need to hire a Marketing Manager, make sure you offer a competitive salary, to attract the very best candidates to your role.

You really do get what you pay for, and so providing a strong base salary will ensure you find the very best talent when you hire your marketing team. Visit our Graduate Employment Statistics Archive to find out what other companies are paying their marketing employees.

4. Offer awards and incentives

For both sales and marketing hiring, it's a good idea to set some targets or have some incentives in place to keep your employee's motivated. Particularly if you're hiring for an analytical marketing role.

If you're hiring Marketing Managers, perhaps this is something you'd ask them at interview stages. Or if you're hiring Marketing Assistants, you could think about what realistic and achievable targets you can set, before looking to hire marketing person and then use this as an incentive in the interview.

Think about what personal and team targets you can offer, such as 'Marketing Employee of the Month', or additional monetary bonuses to recognise exceptional hard work.

5. Invest in learning and development

Our graduate candidates are career driven and passionate about learning. In our 2019 Graduate Employer Research, a survey we conducted on graduates revealed that 'learning and development' ranked 1st on their list of ‘what is most important in a job’, scoring higher than 'salary', 'benefits and perks' and 'company culture'.

6. Offer clear opportunities for progression

Take into consideration both the personal and professional development of employees. 'Growth opportunities' ranked 2nd in importance for graduates when looking for a job, and so having a clear path for progression will help to attract great talent, particularly if candidates enquire about this at interview stages.

7. Refine your onboarding process

Ensuring you have a well thought out onboarding procedure will help to retain the graduates you hire. What makes us different from other London marketing recruitment agencies, is that we can help you with the onboarding of your hires too.

We hope this has given you some insight into how to hire marketing person(s), if you follow these recruitment strategies we are confident you'll find the perfect candidate for the job. Get in touch today to hire marketing specialists and find out more ways we can help your company grow.



What to look out for when hiring Marketing Executives?


Often when companies look to hire a Marketer or recruit a marketing team, they are immediately drawn to candidates who have studied a marketing or business degree.

We always encourage clients to be open minded and speak to graduates who have studied a whole variety of degree subjects, and have used transferrable skills that can be applied to a marketing role. Look out for the extra-curricular activities that candidates have organised or engaged with.

So, what skills are needed when hiring a Marketing person? Here is a break down of some of the key skills to look out for in a Marketing employee...

General skills for companies looking to hire Marketing Teams:

  • Good teamwork skills - it is often that marketing personnel will need to work alongside other teams in a business, for example the sales and operations teams, and so it is vital that you hire an individual who has the ability to work well in a team.
  • Strong attention to detail - good attention to detail is important in all areas of marketing, not just for an analytical marketing position. Marketers represent your brand, whether that be in the messages they put out on social media or the content they write for your website.

Key skills if you're looking to hire Content Marketers:

  • Writing skills - now this is an obvious one, why hire a content writer if they can't write? We suggest you test this by asking candidates to write a blog or article at interview stages.
  • Creativity - when thinking about how to hire a content writer, as well as having excellent writing skills, a creative mind is also an important attribute to look out for.
  • Content SEO skills - nowadays it's more important than ever to hire content writers with some knowledge of search engine optimisation, or with the view of investing in training in this area.

Social Media Marketing hiring - skills to watch out for:

  • Adaptability - if you're looking to hire social media specialists, they need to have the ability to keep up with the latest social media trends, as well as some knowledge of digital graphics is useful.
  • Social platforms & PPC - a solid understanding of all social platforms and how pay-per-click works across these channels is also a great skill to look out for when hiring a social media specialist, although this can always be trained on the job if you choose to hire junior talent.
  • Good organisation and planning skills - this is particularly important if you are looking to hire a Social Media Manager, who will need to liase with different teams in the business and come up with a social media content plan and different engagement strategies.

Key skills when looking for Marketing Managers:

  • Commercial awareness - they need to have the ability to think about how their activities are beneficial to the bottom line. The whole point of marketing is to help drive in new business and revenue.
  • Leadership skills - it is vital that when recruiting Marketing Managers you ensure that candidates have what it takes to motivate and lead a team efficiently and confidently.
  • Drive to succeed - in any management position, the individual needs to have the passion and mindset to drive the business forwards and help meet the company's aims, targets and goals.
  • Communication skills - this is important when managing a team

Skills for hiring Digital Marketers:

  • Numerical skills - looking to hire a Digital Marketer or hire an Analyst? This of course requires working with numbers and data, and so sound knowledge of mathematics and statistical analysis is a must.
  • Excellent IT skills - when you're looking to hire Digital Marketing employees, IT skills are vital. This can be difficult to measure at interview stages, so we suggest setting a task to test how computer-literate candidates are.
  • Technical SEO skills - this is something that can be trained on the job, but is a very saught after skill to have.
  • Curiosity - The digital marketing sector is always growing and evolving. Marketers never know what new platform or trends we're going to find next week: a new technology, a meme that goes viral, an update to Google's algorithm…

Skills Advertising Recruitment Companies should look out for when hiring:

  • Innovation - it's about thinking outside of the box, look out for a candidate with unusual but fantastic ideas.
  • Visual editing - you'd expect the candidate to have a good eye for detail and at least know the basics of video and image editing, which is a key part of a brand's communication.
  • Project Management - as well as being able to manage multiple projects, having some experience in business relationships or partnerships development is also a key skill to have in an Advertising role.

Any marketing staffing agency would agree that having hands-on experience in extracurricular activities, can be as useful and relevant, if not more so, than having a marketing degree alone.

For example, when hiring marketing staff for a content writing role, look to recruit marketing professionals with experience in journalism or blogging regardless of whether they have an academic background in marketing or not.

A candidate who studies History but runs their own blog separate to their studies and has a real creative flare in their writing could be the future talent to drive your website blog forward.



What to be wary of when recruiting Marketing Executives or Advertising graduates? 


Our thorough profiling and screening process filters out the best employees, saving our clients invaluable time scanning through endless CVs, and enabling them to focus their time elsewhere within the business.

Our Marketing Recruiters in London advise:

“When you are looking to hire a marketing professional, it is important to be clear with Marketing and Advertising Recruiters and ensure you explain the role and the type of marketing they will be doing on a day to day basis.

Be careful that you’re not just looking at graduates who are applying for any marketing job just because they think it is a ‘fun’ role to be in”.

Our Marketing Recruitment Experts give us an example of how they would hire a Marketer:

“Whether it’s a creative role or an analytical role, you need to dig deeper to find the perfect candidate.

If you are looking to hire a Content Marketer, then you need to look past the English degree. Ask them about their writing style and find out if can they write in the manner that your marketing company is looking for.

If it’s an analytical role then it’s useful in the early stages until they’ve had real world application, that they’ve got some sort of mathematical A-level, Economics, Science.”



Looking for a marketing recruitment agency in London? Here's our expert recruitment marketing strategy:


Looking for media and advertising recruitment specialists and for sales and marketing recruitment agencies? You’ve come to the right place. At Give A Grad A Go, we have years of experience in the marketing and advertising recruitment sector.

So whether you’re looking to hire a Marketing Executive, a Marketing Manager of Digital Analyst for your business, here are some of the many ways we can help add exceptional marketing candidates to your business:

1. First understand your unique company goals and ways of working

From the outset, you will be assigned an Account Manager, who will be an expert in your industry. Your Marketing recruitment specialist will meet with you and check in regularly to get to know in-depth the needs of the business, which of our services will be the best fit and understand exactly the type of candidate/s you are looking for to grow your team

2. Offer expert advice and consultation style changes

In order to attract the right talent to a role, our industry expert recruiters will work alongside you every step of the way throughout the hiring process, offering advice on salaries based on our quarterly graduate employment reports as well as guidance on job specifications, from the best job titles to use, to how to sell your business in the best way possible.

3. A database of talented marketing candidates ready to go

At Give A Grad A Go, we have a plethora of talented graduates ready to go, with 84% of candidates we work with achieving a 1st, a 2.1 or a Masters degree at University. With a database of over 300,000 we match the perfect graduates to a range of job roles every day, no matter how niche or specific your Marketing role is.

4. Share our insights into the graduate jobs market

We know the graduate jobs market inside out, so as part of our bespoke service at Give A Grad A Go we've created a range of useful material designed to inform update and, advise our clients. Check out our employer recruitment blog full with the latest Marketing recruitment news and talent acquisition advice.

5. Onboarding and aftercare

Even if you are not actively looking to hire, our consultants are always here to help. They will check in with you at various times throughout the year to find out about your hiring plans, provide useful updates about the graduate recruitment market, and will always keep an eye out for specific top talent if you're looking for something rare.

If you're looking for only the best marketing recruiters and top graduate advertising agencies in London, get in touch using the sign-up form above. Give A Grad A Go has the resources and ability to recruit marketing and advertising candidates that are perfect for you. Our bespoke service and dedication to finding you the perfect candidate is what makes us stand out above the other marketing and advertising recruitment agencies in London.


How to write a Marketing Executive job description?


Want to hire a marketing person and wondering how to recruit marketing executives? A central part of hiring the right marketing candidate for your marketing executive opportunity is to have a clear, defined and engaging job description. As one of the UK’s leading graduate Marketing Executive recruiting firms, here are our top tips for writing a standout marketing executive job description:

1. Entice candidates with a gripping opening section

The marketing industry is an exciting and constantly developing industry, so it’s key to give candidates an insight into what working in this industry involves and what they will gain from the role. Have a job overview section at the top of your vacancy and use this as a chance to sell the role and your company. Describe the type of company candidates will be joining, if you’re an agency, list any exciting clients you’re working with, and include upcoming projects they will be working on. Excite the candidate about your opportunity and make them eager to find out more about the role.

2. Have a clear picture of your ideal candidate

For any role you’re hiring for, it’s crucial to list the required skills, characteristics, qualifications and experience you’re looking for. There are many different routes candidates can take to get into marketing, so make sure to include if you require candidates to possess a degree, and if so in any particular field, along with any experience you require, such as internships or previous roles.

You should also mention the key skills you’re looking for in an ideal Marketing Executive. Having years of experience recruiting Marketing Executives, we know some of the key skills and personality traits to look for, here are some of the most important to look for:

  • Excellent planning and organisation skills
  • A creative thinker with excellent writing abilities
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Commercial awareness and knowledge of the latest industry trends
  • Confident individual with great networking abilities
  • The ability to work well in a team and individually
  • Technology savvy

3. List key responsibilities in detail

To allow potential applicants to decide if this is a role they feel capable in carrying out, and also a role that they will enjoy doing, it’s important to describe the common tasks of the role. List what day-to-day duties your Marketing Executive will be responsible for, describe how their role fits into the wider company and the teams they will be working closely with. This will all give candidates a well-rounded understanding of what the role will entail and is a great chance to create even more motivation about the opportunity to join your organisation.

4. Describe all the benefits and perks of the job

To further sell your opportunity to candidates, you should include a ‘benefits of the job’ section in your Marketing Executive job description. List any benefits, such as starting salary, travel opportunities, benefit packages, training opportunities and company benefits such as socials and trips. While candidates value a competitive starting salary, they also value many other aspects of a role such as progression and training, so be sure to include all the perks of your opportunity. 

Visit our Graduate Employment Statistics Archive to find out what other companies are paying their Marketing Executive graduates.