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Student Outreach Programme

Are you a graduate employer who is continually asking how to advertise to students?

We know we are, that’s why we established the Give A Grad A Go - Student Outreach Programme. We want to help build and grow brands on university campuses across the UK, so in time, they can attract the best graduates to their businesses.

What is the Student Outreach Programme?

The Student Outreach Programme is Give A Grad A Go’s network of UK’s top universities and student bodies. Through this, we are looking to improve our engagement with students currently still in education and ultimately to grow our on-campus brand. This network comprises of building relationships with university bodies, ranging from student societies to careers services.

Our mission is to challenge and shift the common perception of the graduate job market amongst the student body - that is to highlight the advantages of securing a graduate job (as opposed to pursuing the more popular but arguably highly selective route of a graduate scheme).

What kind of student societies are we partnered with?

We are currently sponsoring a wide spectrum of student societies ranging from those focused on nurturing the student body’s entrepreneurial spirit to departmental societies, such as Computer Science and Business.

What these societies have in common is that there is a shared and growing interest in providing services to promote employability and enhance the careers prospects of undergraduates.

What universities are we currently working with?

We are currently partnered with societies across 14 of leading UK universities, with 10 of these falling under the Russell Group category.

In the near future, we have plans to expand our network in terms of the number of universities and societies reached.

What could this mean for your business?

With access to our extensive university society network, our Student Outreach Programme will allow your business to compete with UK’s biggest graduate employers that often monopolize the attention of the student network on campus.

Brand Awareness

Our Student Outreach Executive can advise your company on the various ways to execute an effective on-campus promotional campaign. Whether it is through indirect or direct messaging, this will give your company brand exposure amongst the societies and help you advertise to students.

Recruiting graduates

Members of those student societies we are sponsoring tend to be commercially aware and engaged undergraduates. Our Student Outreach Programme will grant you access to UK’s top talent who are often highly sought after by graduate employers.


Our Student Outreach Executive is dedicated to growing and overseeing our popular University network. We will work closely with you to learn about your objectives, which societies to market to and overall making sure you advertise to the right students.

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