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When hiring for your business, you want to ensure you’ve hired candidates who will excel in their role and are a great fit for the company and its values. However, with many candidates hired from just one or two application stages, knowing you’ve got the right candidate for a role can be difficult and making a permanent hire can sometimes feel risky. 

If you’re a start-up looking to make your first hire, or if budgets are tight and hiring someone permanently without a trial seems too much of a commitment, then ‘temp-to-perm’ could be a good route for you to take. We call it ‘try before you buy’, giving candidates a short 1-6 month trial period, to assess that they’re up to the job and then decide whether to hire for a permanent role. 

In periods of huge uncertainty, our temp to perm hiring is a smart strategy allowing you to hire practically and cost-effectively. We’ve put together a guide with more of the benefits of hiring temporary staff along with the best practices for getting the most out of your temp to perm hires. 

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Our temp-to-perm hiring services


Our temp-to-perm hiring process is designed to suit companies of all shapes and sizes, whether you’re an early-stage start-up or a rapidly growing SME, we offer a personalised and tailored graduate recruitment service.

From the outset you’ll be assigned an Account Manager who will be an expert in your industry, they will work closely with you to understand the exact type of candidates you’re looking to hire on a temporary basis.

Once we’ve helped you find the successful candidates quickly and easily, each candidate will have a short 1-6 month trial period. This period will allow you to see the candidates’ suitability to the role and company before offering them a permanent job.

The duration of the trial period can be stopped at any time and easily changed to a permanent contract, and if you don’t wish to hire during or after the trial period, the placement ends. We can then either look for someone else or you might have decided that the role wasn’t a fulltime opportunity and so the process would stop entirely.

With no large fees and up-front costs, our temp to perm recruitment services are cost-effective without compromising on quality (over 85% of our temporary roles, then turn permanent); you’ll pay a monthly retainer for each month the candidate is on a temporary contract. If you decide to transition from a temporary contract to a permanent one you’ll pay our reduced rate from the point you make them permanent.

Using our temp to perm recruitment services means you have access to our database of exceptional candidates, graduate recruitment expertise and our wealth of market knowledge, all at an affordable rate.


If you’re unsure what temp to perm roles to hire for, we’ve put together a guide on how to build your hiring plan, and our industry expert recruiters will also be on hand to help you develop a realistic hiring plan.

For more ways we can help with your talent searching and help you find top talent, check out our latest blog. 




Benefits of hiring temporary staff for your business


Considering temp to perm hiring for your company? Here are some of the great benefits of hiring temporary staff for your business… 


1. You get to work with a candidate to assess their suitability

Temp-to-perm hiring is not just based on a few interview rounds; nomatter how well-structured and thorough a hiring process is, sometimes a candidate who interviews with ease and has a great CV may end up being a poor fit for the role.

This can cost the company time and resources in both the short and long term. A difficulty that can’t be over looked when remote hiring is becoming the new standard practice.  

One of the advantages of hiring temporary staff is that you have a trial period to reduce the impact of unsuitable hires. By placing a candidate in a working environment and tasking them with the duties expected of their role, you can assess their capabilities and see how they fit with the existing team. 

With our temp to perm hiring services, candidates have a 1-6 month trial period (your choice), allowing you to make a well-educated and informed decision about whether to make a permanent hire based on a candidate’s performance in real life work situations.

We can confidently source you candidates who will be a great match for your role and company, allowing you to get the most of out of your temp to perm hiring needs. 


2. Easing the growth transition

One of the advantages of hiring temporary workers is that if you wish to change to a permanent contract, the transition period can be smooth and easy.

Temporary employees will already be integrated into aspects of the business, familiar with the role and trained with your policies and procedures. This ensures that once a temporary employee is offered a long term contract, they can get stuck straight into projects without the need for further orientation. 

A well-structured onboarding process for temporary employees will allow them to feel settled and supported in their role, creating an easy transition to a permanent role and allowing your company to better accommodate growth without disruptions.

If you’re hiring graduate temporary workers, visit our blog for tips on how to onboard graduates and integrate employees efficiently. 


3. Improved performance levels

In tough job market conditions, temporary employees will most likely be very eager to secure a permanent position in the company.

Wanting to prove themselves as worthy for a full-time position, temporary workers are often highly motivated and willing to go the extra mile to show their dedication.  

Hiring on a temp to perm recruitment strategy means your business can benefit from high-performance levels of temporary workers looking to impress. The hardworking nature of temporary employees can also help motivate your permanent employees and challenge them to improve their performance levels. 

Having worked closely with graduates for over 10 years, at Give A Grad A Go, we know graduates possess a hunger to learn and want to prove themselves from day one.

This drive makes graduates a great fit for start-ups, if you’re looking to hire temporary employees for your start-up, visit our blog for more reasons why you should hire graduates at your start-up


4.  Employees have the chance to evaluate their fit

Hiring workers on a temporary basis gives these employees the opportunity to see if the company is a good fit for their personal and professional development.

Spending a period of time learning about their role and the ethos of the company allows temporary employees to assess if the role is right for them before committing to a permanent contract.

This allows you to take on permanent employees who are passionate about the role and committed to the business, as well as saving time and resources re-hiring if a permanent employee decides a role is not for them. 


5. Giving more people a shot - did you need someone so experienced?

The temp to perm solution could also open up the market a bit for you. If you’re looking to replace a mid-level employee, do you need that level of experience again?

Could someone more junior but even more enthusiastic for the role, without any previous ‘bad habits’, grab the opportunity and make it their own? Helping you to reduce staffing costs whilst also improving the work rate of the team.


How to implement temp to perm hiring successfully


To utilise your temp to perm hiring successfully, it’s important to implement the right onboarding process for your temporary hires. Here are some key pointers to ensure you create an environment that allows your temporary workers to thrive, and your business can benefit as much as possible from these hires.


  • Give the right introductions

When onboarding temporary hires it’s crucial to ensure they are introduced to the members of staff they will be working closely with, just the same as new permanent hire would be. Treating temporary workers as part of the team and properly onboarding them to key members of staff will help them feel settled in their role and show they are valued – all helping to boost motivation and performance.


  • Assign a mentor 

As a new addition to the company and potentially a temporary employee’s first job, they will require support and a bit of guidance. An office environment can be hectic (even a remote one), so to ensure temporary employees are getting the support they need and are not accidentally neglected, it’s beneficial to assign them a mentor.

The mentor would preferably be an experienced team member in the same department who will have an input into the decision to them on permanent in the not too distant future. Organise periodic check-ins with a temporary worker and their mentor to see how they are doing, if they require any additional training, and if there are any shortcomings that need to be addressed.

If a temporary employee has any queries or worries about the role, they have a point of contact that they can comfortably go to and get the support they need. If you need advice on how to best implement a graduate mentor scheme, visit our latest blog post. 


  • Be clear on the role and responsibilities

To ensure your temporary employees are contributing to the business how you thought they should be, it’s important to be clear with them from the outset on their responsibilities and goals. Set expectations about the quality and quantity of work you expect from them and make sure they are aware of their short term goals and how they fit into the bigger picture.

So that your business is benefiting as much possible from temporary hires, treat a temporary worker as you would a permanent employee and set achievable targets for them to work towards.

It’s important to make sure you’re providing your temporary workers with the necessary training and resources they need to perform to the best of their ability and work towards their targets. For employee training guidance, check out our blog for virtual training tips for businesses.


  • Be transparent to boost motivation

It’s within temporary employees best interests to be transparent and realistic about the chances of the role becoming permanent. Whether it depends on the success of a business contract, if demand remains after the trial period or how well the employee meets expectations, be sure to let your temp workers know.

Being honest about the progression of the role at the start will help reduce any tension if a role can’t transition into a permanent contract.

If a role transitioning to a permanent contract depends on employee performance, outlining what it takes for a temporary worker to make their role permanent is a great way to boost their performance.

It can be easy for temporary workers to lose motivation and only see the role as short term, so by notifying them of what it takes to make their role permanent it gives them a goal to work towards and helps ensure they remain committed and motivated while at work.


Our temp to perm hiring strategy means you can get a much better understanding of people’s capabilities and confidently make the right hires when the business has the capacity to take them on permanently.

Use our temp to perm hiring services and start working with people now to accurately and cost-effectively grow your business, even in times of huge uncertainty.  

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