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With the Government Furlough Scheme coming to an end, how are you preparing for what comes next? You’ve hired and supported the growth of your team, how are you planning to support your people if they're facing redundancy?

For both businesses and employees, redundancy brings stress and uncertainty - it is an extremely challenging time for everyone concerned. Give A Grad A Go are here to help by providing outplacement services to your individuals who are affected.

Since Lockdown started, Give A Grad A Go has been working behind the scenes to ensure that we are prepared to support both businesses and employees with the increase in redundancies. Claire Donaldson, Head of People Operations at Give A Grad A Go, has recently undergone training from an experienced Outplacement Consultant, Nigel Cork, to ensure that Give A Grad A Go is able to deliver an industry-standard outplacement service to its clients.

Give A Grad A Go can help by providing outplacement UK services for individuals affected. Here is our lowdown on employee outplacement programmes and how they can benefit your business and your employees:


What is outplacement support and why is it important?

Employee outplacement definition: A positive action that employers can make to help those being made redundant, ensuring that former employees have the best chance of securing a new role elsewhere. Not only is it a much needed support service to offer to the employees who you are letting go, or perhaps have already let go, but it also sends a positive message to your existing employees and the wider market that you are a caring, responsible employer who is willing to go the extra mile to protect its employees.

Moving forward, it will not only help to protect your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), but also enhance it. It is a great way of highlighting to future employees how well you look after your people, even during the most challenging times. So, when the hiring starts again, you have a positive story to tell from the downturn.


What do outplacement services offer?


Now we've established the outplacement support meaning, the next question is what do outplacement services do and how does the process work? Give A Grad A Go’s approach is to provide employees with independent and practical advice to give them the confidence boost and guidance they need to navigate an increasingly difficult job market, ensuring they have the best chance possible to get their career back on track.

The service focuses on 1-1 mentoring and interactive sessions covering 4 key areas including:

Outplacement services london


What are the benefits of outplacement services?


Top 3 outplacement benefits for employers:

  • Time saver

Redundancies inevitably take up a lot of time, energy and resources for internal teams. Having extra redundancy outplacement support can be extremely valuable for Senior Stakeholders, freeing up more time, which can be spent focusing on keeping the business moving forward. Talent teams will be stretched looking after the people who are staying in the business, or perhaps your Talent or HR teams may even be reduced as part of the redundancy cycle.

  • Positive brand reputation

Not only will redundancies impact the employees you are letting go, but they will also impact the employees who are staying. Using an outplacement process that provides support and guidance to those being let go, shows your people and the wider market that you care about your employees and want to ensure they get the best chance of landing a new career quickly. If managed in the wrong way, the negative impact could damage your reputation and could effect your future hiring.

  • Honest feedback

HR outplacement services can allow employees to freely share their thoughts and feedback on the role and company, to someone other than their manager. It is often more effective to have an impartial person conducting these, as the feedback can be more open and honest. We will conduct exit interviews to gather insights about your company which you can use to improve retention, culture and performance. This will be hugely valuable data for the business moving forward.


How is this outplacement service delivered?

Give A Grad A Go’s outplacement process has been designed by Nigel Cork, who has over 30 years of industry experience, and will be delivered by Claire Donaldson, who is our internal Head of People Operations. By combining the two, Give A Grad A Go can offer an industry-standard service at a significantly reduced cost, compared to that charged by established outplacement providers.

We will work with your employees to ensure that they receive practical, tailored and independent advice to give them the confidence and motivation to tackle the job market. This will include the following:

Part 1: Telephone outplacement consultation

Initial consultation to understand their current situation and the types of opportunities they are looking for.

  • What they enjoyed about current role and the employer
  • Transferable skills, achievements and key take-aways
  • What other roles and sectors, if any, are they keen to pursue
  • Planning and preparing for the job seeking process

Part 2: 1-1 Outplacement workshop session

  • How to make their CV stand out above the rest - upgrading their CV will give them a competitive edge in an already saturated job seeking market. Revamping their digital brand is a valuable tool that can be fine-tuned to help people succeed.
  • Navigating the job market (knowing how to use job boards, LinkedIn and recruitment agencies effectively is the key to swift re-employment)
  • Their digital brand and how to make the most out of social media on their job hunt
  • Interview preparation and execution - many of your employees may not have attended an interview for a while, and feeling confident will be vital for re-employment


Our outplacement services costs

How much do outplacement services cost? Typically, outplacement services, London and UK wide, tend to start at around £500 per employee, sometimes exceeding £10,000 per employee. Our outplacement service will be free of charge for any candidates who were placed by Give A Grad A Go, we’ve placed an array of fantastic candidates across the UK and around the globe and want to ensure our candidates continue to get the support they need from us. 

For any candidates not placed by Give A Grad A Go, we will charge a reduced rate of £200 - £250 per employee, depending on the volume of people who require this service. If we then go onto place the candidate into another business, this cost will be used as credit for your next hire through us.

Whether you have made redundancies already or if you are expecting to make further redundancies in the future, Give A Grad A Go can help by providing UK outplacement services to those individuals affected. Find out more about this service by contacting us on 020 7100 8800, or enter your details below and a member of the team will get in touch:


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