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Are you looking to make multiple graduate hires this year? Have you considered running an Assessment Day as an opportunity to meet and compare different candidates and speed up the hiring process?

Since our first Assessment Day in 2017, Give A Grad A Go have been running professional and well-executed Assessment Centres for clients looking to accelerate their hiring plans. Before you choose the candidates, you need to choose the right recruitment agency…


What is an Assessment Centre?

If you’ve been considering running an assessment centre, it’s firstly important to understand how they work. To define ‘assessment centre’, in short, they involve group participation of candidates or job applicants in multiple exercises, which are observed by the employer looking to hire, or a team of assessors.

Recruitment assessment days are normally spread over 1 or 2 days, dependent on the number of new hires required, and held at the Employer’s place of work. Certain exercises and activities are conducted including group tasks, role play, case studies, interviews, presentations, psychometric and aptitude tests. They are designed to assist in the recruitment process - read on to find out how they could help your business!


Why should you choose Give A Grad A Go to help?

It is proven that assessment centres are a fantastic way to fully assess and explore the range and calibre of candidates we have to offer - which is why we use them for our own internal hiring at Give A Grad A Go! Tailored to each client, our assessment centres can be a cohesive collaboration between you and us; or managed from start to finish by us. We build your personal assessment centre plan to suit your needs. Scroll down to ‘Verizon case study’ to find out about an assessment centre we recently ran for one of our clients.

  • Pricing – how much do we charge?

    We have flexible pricing options for the assessment centres we run, this can either be worked out on a cost-per-hire basis, or we can charge a flat rate fee for holding the assessment day(s). Please get in touch with one of our Client Service Specialists to discuss the best option for you.
  • Assessment centre success rate

    On average our assessment centres have a success rate of 30%, with our most recent assessment centre seeing a success rate of 80%, and candidates have been hired in every Assessment Centre we have organised for our clients.

Assessment centre benefits

There are many benefits of assessment centres in the recruitment and selection process. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider using them within your recruitment plans.

  • Minimises subjectivity: they enable a fair process whereby comparisons between candidates can be more easily made, which in turn increases accuracy of judgements made.
  • Standardises evaluation processes: this also allows you to more easily analyse and adapt the way candidates are assessed and improve hiring processes long term.
  • Speeds up the hiring process: the interview stages of recruitment can be very time consuming, liaising with candidates to find suitable times, grouping the interviews in an assessment centre format helps to significantly reduce hiring times.
  • Reduces costs: along with the time constraints involved in recruiting new employees, there is also the costs associated with first, second and third stage interview processes. Holding an assessment centre enables the employer to carry out multiple stages, all in just a day or two.
  • Opportunities to shape teams: you might find certain candidates have complementary skills and behaviours, enabling you to form teams, plan ahead and predict future job performance.
  • More accurate: due to the broader variety of selection techniques used in this assessment centre approach, compared to other recruitment methods, employers can be more confident and assured that they have chosen the right candidates. 
  • Candidate experience: not only are there many benefits for employers, but there are also many benefits for candidates too. Assessment centres help to give applicants a far deeper insight into the company and job they are applying for. This ensures that chosen candidates who are offered the position are able to make more confident decisions on whether or not to accept the employer’s offer.
  • Building your brand: A well-organised assessment centre can positively reflect the company brand image to candidates. Even those that are not offered a job at the end, will still get a feel for the professionalism of the organisation if they were impressed with how the assessment day was run.

Assessment Centre Preparation

Assessment centre preparation is a key component of a successful assessment day and allows us to ensure our plan fits all requirements for the roles and the client. The first thing we start off with is how many roles the client is hiring for.

Assessment centres work best when hiring for 3 or more roles, which usually requires roughly 15 candidates to attend, so ensuring there is an appropriate space within the client's office is a must. If the client doesn’t have appropriate space, offsite assessment centres can be organised, but we usually encourage on-site assessment centres in order to allow candidates to view the office, company culture, and fully grasp the essence of the company.

We then work with the client to detail dates and times. Will the assessment centre be a full or half-day? This depends on the number of attendees, roles, and capacity. The date also depends on these factors, as we need to leave appropriate space to acquire and prep enough candidates. These are all taken into consideration to craft the perfect assessment centre.

By this point, Give A Grad A Go have discussed all live roles with the client, crafted individual and sometimes multiple job postings for each role in order to fully extend our reach to fantastic candidates. Our Recruitment Resourcers and Consultants will be working hard to line up a great selection of interviewees, and in the meantime, we will be finalising a timeline for the assessment day.

This ensures we cover all we need in order to successfully assess candidates on the day, this includes organising: name badges and registers of attendance, all CVs printed and prepped for interviewers, feedback forms created for each candidate to help compare and assess each candidate accurately, all materials for assessment tasks, and anything else we need to make your assessment day run efficiently and effectively.


Verizon Assessment Centre Case Study

We’ve hired many great candidates for Verizon, four of which were selected through two assessment centres. Each of these assessment days hosted from 7 to 12 candidates sourced by our Resourcers and selected by our Consultants.

We’d detailed a step by step personalised plan for Verizon’s assessment centres, this included a series of assessment tasks and assessment tests to engage the candidates and help them show off their skills and talents! These included a few tasks relating to the role: 

  • Pitch your partner - in this exercise, candidates are paired up and given some time to pitch themselves to each other. They need to deliver a pitch to one another highlighting why they’d be best for the role, after this, they then need to pitch their partner to the rest of the room. This is a great test of communication skills and general sales skills. Candidates are in a unique position where they need to prove that they can pitch their partner well, but also know that they ultimately want to come out on top over their partner.
  • Lifeboat task - this classic assessment centre test requires the group to work in teams to select 5 people to save from a detailed list of fictional people needing saving from a sinking ship. This task reveals who has the best negotiation and communication skills, and who can remain calm whilst trying to get their point or opinion across.
  • Individual presentations - this task involves giving a question or statement to a candidate, who will then prepare and present their opinion or answer to the question, aiming to convince you to believe their opinion
  • 1 to 1 interviews - each candidate then goes through a standard 30-minute interview to help get to know them better one on one.

Whilst Verizon gave us full control over which candidates we brought in, and the schedule we selected, they chose to remain fully engaged with each step of the assessment centre exercises. This allowed the candidates and client to get to know each other better and allowed for a better assessment. 

Each assessment centre ran from 10am to 4pm, providing a free lunch, as well as tea and coffee throughout the day. This allowed the candidates to get to know the office area better, and really immerse themselves within the office. After each assessment centre was completed, Give A Grad A Go and Verizon work together to make final assessments, allowing Verizon to send out offers the next day!

Assessment Chart

Want some free printables? We used a comparison chart to help us compare and assess the candidates, you can download the free PDF or excel spreadsheet to use in your own assessment centres exercises! Make sure you also check out our top tips on how to run a successful graduate assessment day.

This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF

This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF



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