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Morale in the workplace – how to keep your graduate hires happy

Charlie Croft Tuesday May 9, 2017
From open communication to office perks - we talk you through how to keep graduate hires happy in the workplace.

Hiring graduates? Ask our candidates why we are the best graduate recruitment agency

Charlie Croft Tuesday February 14, 2017
Are you a graduate employer looking for junior talent for your business? Find out why our grads think we are the best graduate recruitment agency to work with.

Networking in the UK’s top universities - an introduction to our Student Outreach Programme

Charlie Croft Thursday December 15, 2016
We speak with Sue Yong, the latest addition to the Give A Grad A Go team, about our newly launched Student Outreach Programme and tapping into university students on campus.

How to improve a graduates experience during the interview process

Give A Grad A Go Wednesday November 2, 2016
In today’s candidate driven market, a great interview experience is essential throughout your hiring process. Our six-step process will ensure that your candidate has the best experience whilst interviewing with you.

Will a Brexit affect your Business?

Give A Grad A Go Wednesday June 22, 2016
With the EU referendum just a day away, we asked a cross section of our clients how a Brexit could affect their business. Here’s what we found.

Graduate hires - what do they really need from you?

Hannah Ovenden Thursday June 16, 2016
How exactly should you be on-boarding your graduate hires? Hireserve’s Senior Marketing Executive Hannah, shares her insights.

Experience isn’t everything - business benefits of recruiting graduates

Give A Grad A Go Thursday May 19, 2016
Businesses often question why they should hire graduates over candidates with more experience. We share our ideas on why sometimes, experience isn’t everything.

Leaving the EU: The effect on the graduate jobs market

Give A Grad A Go Wednesday March 23, 2016
The EU referendum is just months away, and with more graduates and employers through our doors than ever before, we look at how a Brexit could shape the future for the graduate jobs market.

2015 - a year to celebrate!

Give A Grad A Go Wednesday January 20, 2016
In 2015 we were able to give some of the UK's best graduates the opportunity to work for a variety of businesses. Join us as we look back at our highlights.

5 ways you can use LinkedIn better than your competition

Lauren Mason Thursday August 20, 2015
Read Give A Grad A Go's five ways you can use LinkedIn better than your competition, so your company can start making waves on the world's largest professional network.

What is the Enterprise Bill – and can it help your SME?

Nick Church Thursday June 18, 2015
Last month, in her traditional address to the nation the Queen outlined a few of the new policies, laws and bills that the newly elected Conservative government will be pushing through parliament. One such bill is the Enterprise Bill, an interesting set of policies first announced on May 19th by new Business Secretary – Sajid [...]

Testing the X-Factor – How to Run a Winning Assessment Centre

Zoe Willox Dunant Wednesday April 22, 2015
Give A Grad A Go's Zoe gives her insight on how to run an assessment centre, so you can recruit the best candidates for your business.

The top 5 websites for business development

Give A Grad A Go Tuesday April 14, 2015
We look at the top five websites you should be using for business development.

Why London is the best city in the world for startups

Give A Grad A Go Tuesday April 7, 2015
We discuss why London is one of the best cities in the world for small businesses and why startups keep flocking into the capital.

5 things you need to rate as highly as a degree when reviewing CVs

Give A Grad A Go Tuesday January 20, 2015
A degree is important – in some jobs the grade and subject may be vital. But you mustn’t neglect other great qualities if you want to snap up the best graduate talent.

5 great books on hiring people

Give A Grad A Go Monday July 21, 2014
Hiring people can be a tricky and time consuming business, (that's why employers use a service like ours), but it's good to know what what kind of talent you need for your business - so here's five books to help you make that decision.

How to attract the best graduates to your small business

Give A Grad A Go Monday April 28, 2014
We reveal how to attract the best graduate talent to your SME or startup.

Why you should pay your interns – the 5 business benefits

Give A Grad A Go Thursday April 17, 2014
The majority of arguments against unpaid internships in the press revolve around the fact that it is morally wrong to expect people to work for free, or that unpaid internships work against social mobility- by excluding graduates whose parents can’t afford to support them through weeks or even months of unpaid work.

How to write a great job description

Give A Grad A Go Thursday April 10, 2014
Writing a job description is a task viewed by many as relatively unimportant but, if done well, can save you and your business time, money and many headaches. Get it right and you could attract your perfect candidate. Get it wrong and could end up wasting your time interviewing candidates who aren’t right for your business.

5 sneaky alternatives to classic interview questions

Give A Grad A Go Tuesday April 1, 2014
'What are your weaknesses?’, ‘What motivates you to succeed?’, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?’ are the standard tried-and-tested questions that crop up in nearly every job interview. The problem with these questions is exactly that: your candidates have likely heard them a hundred times before, and will proffer the same, tired answers that have either been rehearsed meticulously or pilfered from the internet. So how do you prevent this? Use these 5 sneaky alternatives to classic questions!
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