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Morale in the workplace – how to keep your graduate hires happy

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We often spend a lot of time making sure our clients are satisfied, but it’s just as important, if not more so, to ensure our graduate hires are happy too. If morale in the workplace is high, this will boost productivity across the board. Setting the right tone at work is achievable, as is raising the wellbeing of staff – these steps will show you how.

Promote a positive work environment

Creating a bright and comfortable office environment is crucial to keeping staff energised and invigorated. Having an open office floor will enable employees to work and talk together, welcome candid discussions, and create an environment where colleagues (of all management levels) can be approached with ease. Separating staff will only spread negativity and a lack of unity.

Positivity can stem from a strong team spirit and with that comes high energy levels and cooperation in abundance - building each other up will reinforce the importance of working together. Remember, business doesn’t always have to be serious, have some fun with it – switch on the radio, make a group playlist, or start weekly competitions to increase employee engagement and create an upbeat buzz.

Benefits beyond the basics

Rewarding your graduate hires for their hard work is crucial to keeping morale up. If you can’t offer higher salaries, allowing more time off in the year could be a good compromise; birthday days off, or holiday over Christmas which isn’t deducted from the original allowance. Organising regular team-bonding activities such as crazy golf, darts or Friday drinks will help keep the positivity flowing all year round. Making sure you acknowledge every employee’s birthday and work anniversary will show they’re valued in the company – additionally, you can celebrate the company’s birthday and include the team in your mission.

Give praise and say ’thank you’

Recognizing staff achievements will show their contribution is appreciated and create a knock-on effect of proactivity. If regular feedback isn’t given, employees won’t have anything to work from and they could start to lose direction and motivation. When giving praise, make sure it’s detailed and provide examples of what they’ve excelled in as it will give their work a sense of purpose – tell them they’ve made a difference in a recent project, and why.

Open and clear communication

It might be easier to send an email to the person sitting next to you, but taking the time to engage in regular conversation will show you’re making the effort to connect with the team in-person, not just from behind a screen. Encourage staff discussions and listen to everyone’s ideas with an open mind; allowing each staff member to have an input will reinforce their value and involve them in decision making where applicable. Engaging in clear communication will also eliminate the need to micro-manage and allow staff to take the lead in their graduate jobs.

Take interest in personal development

Being invested in staff progression and discussing career growth opportunities is a sure-fire way to keep graduate hires invigorated throughout their graduate jobs. Putting forward training programmes, setting clear goals and encouraging the team to learn new skills will not only be incredibly beneficial to employees, but also to your business. Put some time aside in the week for personal development, send employees to workshops, conferences, or networking events and engage with their feedback.

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