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Revision checklist - what we advise to help you revise

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Whilst at University, the Easter holidays can be a relief, taking a break to indulge in piles of chocolate and enjoying a much-needed stint of home-cooked meals. Often though, this recess offers the chance to dig into some crucial revision with final exams just around the corner. Not sure where to begin? We've put together a checklist to help keep you on a steady revision route - helping you overcome post-lunchtime slumps, right through to the morning of your exam.

undergraduate revision checklist

Here's a printable version of the checklist for you to use on-the-go, one tick box at a time – Good Luck! 

Revision Checklist

  • Put together a weekly or daily timetable
  • Is it clear and concise with achievable time slots?
  • Have you included regular breaks and a lunchtime?
  • Review your revision plan regularly - do you need to change anything? Vary your tactics to stay invigorated and engaged
    • Practice exams
      • Check if you can retrieve any from the library or online
      • Time yourself to see how long it will take you
      • What sort of questions are there e.g. short, essay or multiple choice
    • Diagram/sketches – a more visual approach to your revision will keep facts or figures firmly in your mind
    • Thorough note-taking – highlighters at the ready
    • Leave post-it notes around the room for revision on-the-go!
    • Presentation slides – explaining each slide aloud will ensure you’re being thorough with your revision
  • Create a calm place to study – tidy desk, tidy mind?
  • Eat well – don’t skip breakfast or lunch as you will need brainpower and fuel
  • Stay hydrated
  • Boost your energy levels with some stress-busting activities – relaxation is key and should help relieve any pressure, try any of these:
    • Go for a walk
    • Meditation or yoga
    • Have a bath
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep at a reasonable time
  • Set your alarm – don’t hit snooze!
  • Make sure you know where the exam is
    • Location
    • Date
    • Time
  • Ensure any exam essentials required are ready and packed beforehand to eliminate rushing around on the day
    • Clear pencil case
    • Pens – make sure they have ink in them!
    • Calculator (if applicable) - make sure it’s clearly labelled with your name etc.
    • A clear bottle of water (without a label)
    • Do you need to take photographic ID or a Student Card with you?
    • What resources (if any) can you take in with you to the exam?
  • Switch your phone off

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