Networking with the UK’s top universities - an introduction to the Student Outreach Programme
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Networking in the UK’s top universities - an introduction to our Student Outreach Programme

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Give A Grad A Go are delighted to introduce Sue Yong, the latest addition to our team and our new Student Outreach Executive.

Sue graduated from Edinburgh University this summer and has brought her valuable insight from a two-year position at Edinburgh’s iCue (Innovative Careers University of Edinburgh) Society into the world of graduate recruitment. Sue has carved her own niche within the Give A Grad A Go infrastructure, promoting a Student Outreach Programme to help develop and maintain a strong rapport with an array of societies at the UK’s top universities.

Since Sue joined the company, we have been working with 18 student societies, tapping into an audience of just under 33,000 across social channels, with plenty of opportunity for growth.

We grabbed a quick chat with Sue to talk through her previous experiences and what Give A Grad A Go’s Student Outreach Programme will entail

Talk us through your involvement with Edinburgh’s iCue society? What did you do?

At first, I was on the committee as Marketing Manager, where I was responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns to promote iCue’s events, sponsor opportunities and the brand itself on campus. In my last year, I was elected President of the Society, where my responsibilities expanded to bringing in new sponsors and managing relationships with them, overseeing the overall running of the entire society.

How did you come across Give A Grad A Go?

I initially came across Give A Grad A Go when applying for the Graduate Resourcer role because I was interested in working within graduate recruitment. After passing the initial stages, the team invited me into the office for an interview where I fell in love with the culture and the vision of the company.

In my face-to-face interview, Give A Grad A Go’s Business Manager, Grace took particular interest in my involvement with the iCue Society and we discussed how Give A Grad A Go could engage with students currently at university. After a couple of in-depth discussions with Give A Grad A Go’s MD, Cary, Business and Operations Analyst Sally, and Grace, they decided to offer me the role of Student Outreach Executive.

What is the Give A Grad A Go Student Outreach programme? What’s the story so far? What does this involve?

The Give A Grad A Go Student Outreach Programme is the company’s network with the UK’s top universities, its aim to increase engagement with the student bodies, strengthening the quality of candidates on the Give A Grad A Go database.

Initially, this entailed building and managing relationships with student societies, as these bodies effectively serve as a gateway to bright, like-minded students. We are currently working with 18 student societies across 14 of the UK’s top universities (10 of which being Russell Group); ranging from Entrepreneurial to Computer Science.

Currently, the nature of these partnerships involves indirect engagement with members of these societies by marketing our content through their communication channels. In the future, not only will we be looking to directly engage with students by taking part in events organised by these societies, but we will also be looking to further our relationships with Careers Services which we will role out to our client base.

All in all, through the Student Outreach Programme, we aim to improve brand awareness of the company itself on campuses and ultimately attract a better flow of applications for Give A Grad A Go's and ultimately their clients.

If you’re planning a student event, or are a university society looking for sponsorship, Sue would love to hear from you - or find out more about our Student Outreach Programme over on our site.

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