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A day in the life of a Strategy Manager in FashTech – what graduates need to know

Charlie Croft Friday January 13, 2017
We speak with Lyst’s Strategy Manager, Ollie Frost about working in Fashion Technology and the advice he has for graduates looking for analytical graduate jobs.

How to shake up your graduate job search in 2017

Charlie Croft Friday January 6, 2017
Read our top tips on how to shake up your graduate job search in 2017 - including CV writing tips, social media management and broadening your job search.

Networking in the UK’s top universities - an introduction to our Student Outreach Programme

Charlie Croft Thursday December 15, 2016
We speak with Sue Yong, the latest addition to the Give A Grad A Go team, about our newly launched Student Outreach Programme and tapping into university students on campus.

FinTech graduate jobs - what we have learnt about the London scene this year

Charlie Croft Tuesday December 13, 2016
We look back at how FinTech graduate jobs in London have developed over the last year and the types of careers available for graduates looking to make their mark on the scene.

Graduate jobs in digital marketing – what you need to know

Charlie Croft Thursday November 3, 2016
Lucy Smith founder of Digital Marketing for Graduates, discusses how to get a graduate job in digital marketing and what you need to know to about the industry.

How to improve a graduates experience during the interview process

Give A Grad A Go Wednesday November 2, 2016
In today’s candidate driven market, a great interview experience is essential throughout your hiring process. Our six-step process will ensure that your candidate has the best experience whilst interviewing with you.

In-house or agency – choosing your graduate marketing job

Charlie Croft Thursday October 27, 2016
Choosing your first graduate job in marketing? Find out whether you should be working in-house or at an agency - and search the latest graduate marketing jobs.

Taking a Gap Year after graduation – what graduates need to know

Charlie Croft Friday October 21, 2016
Still deciding whether to take a year out travelling? tell us how graduates taking a Gap Year can benefit their graduate career opportunities.

We celebrate 7 years of finding jobs for graduates

Charlie Croft Monday October 10, 2016
It’s Give A Grad A Go’s 7th birthday, so we reflect on what we’ve learnt about graduate recruitment and celebrate 7 years of finding jobs for graduates in London.

IRP Awards Nominations 2016

Give A Grad A Go Wednesday October 5, 2016
We've been nominated in the 2016 IRP Awards for ‘Best Company to work for (up to 20 Employees)’ - find out more about the awards and the ceremony!

A day in the life of an Accountant – what graduates need to know

Charlie Croft Thursday September 22, 2016
We speak with The Accountancy Partnership's Lee Murphy; about working in accountancy and the advice he has for accounting grad's looking for a graduate job.

Do you ramble? Here’s how not to in a graduate job interview

Charlie Croft Monday September 12, 2016
Don't let your nerves get the better of you! Read our advice on how not to ramble during a job interview - it might just help you land that graduate job!

Graduate Job Interview Checklist

Charlie Croft Thursday August 18, 2016
On the graduate job hunt and just received confirmation for an interview? Time to start planning!

"7 Things Every Graduate Misses About University" - we delve into student life once more over at Buzzfeed

Charlie Croft Monday August 8, 2016
We published a blog on Buzzfeed about the 7 things every graduate misses about university... Think we were right? Then let us know!

How to get a graduate job when you live ‘in the middle of nowhere’

Give A Grad A Go Thursday July 21, 2016
Trying to find a graduate job while living in a more rural area can seem impossible. So here's three steps to take to get you on track.

Moving to London? 8 things every graduate should know

Charlie Croft Tuesday July 12, 2016
Planning to move to London, but not sure how to make the jump? Here are 8 tips for graduates looking for some help with those first steps.

Will a Brexit affect your Business?

Give A Grad A Go Wednesday June 22, 2016
With the EU referendum just a day away, we asked a cross section of our clients how a Brexit could affect their business. Here’s what we found.

How Graduates Can Save on Living Expenses

Sylvia Nankivell Monday June 20, 2016
Student Money Saver reveal their top tips on how to save on living expenses - once you've graduated university and are looking for your first graduate job.

Graduate hires - what do they really need from you?

Hannah Ovenden Thursday June 16, 2016
How exactly should you be on-boarding your graduate hires? Hireserve’s Senior Marketing Executive Hannah, shares her insights.

How an employer reads your graduate CV

Emily Johnson Friday June 10, 2016
Is your graduate CV still not getting you a job? It's time to change tactics and try looking at it through the eyes of an employer.