Claire Donaldson

People and Operations Director

As Give A Grad A Go's People and Operations Director, I am responsible for onboarding new recruits at Give A Grad A Go, internal hiring, and training the Resourcing Team, guiding them through their first few months at the company.

My area of expertise

As Give A Grad A Go's People and Operations Director, my role is very varied and focuses on internal recruitment, performance management and internal training and development; ensuring that the team and the company are growing and working efficiently. After 5 years of working at Give A Grad A Go within a Recruitment role, my main focus is to train our new recruits in their Recruitment position to ensure they have every success when they move up to Consultancy and beyond!

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

I had never considered a role in Recruitment when I first graduated and I was actively applying to Marketing & Advertising roles. After meeting with Give A Grad A Go and understanding more about the role of a Recruiter, I realised that a role in Recruitment would offer me the exact opportunities I was looking for - networking with clients, being rewarded for hard work and chatting with graduates and clients on the phone. It was very clear that the earning potential and career progression was fantastic and, compared to more entry level roles I had considered, I thought this would be a fantastic first step in my career. 

The worst job I've had

Every summer I worked on a local farm as a waitress. The role had it perks (lots of hefty bacon butties) - but mucking out the barns and the smell of manure really took its toll....

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