Camilla Clarke

Country Manager Australia

As the Country Manager Australia, I work with Give A Grad A Go's Australia clients, ensuring we provide unrivaled service and consistent quality. Regular client interaction and dedicated management ensures that the perfect graduates are being introduced to our clients at the right time.

My area of expertise

My focus within Give A Grad A Go is all of our Australia clients, from SME's and start-ups, to multinational corporations operating in Australia, I handle the recruitment process from start to finish, ensuring total communication and clairty for both our clients and Australia graduates.

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

I came to Give A Grad A Go as a graduate in 2013, in the hope of finding a role within Marketing & Advertising or PR & Communications. It quickly became clear that what I was really looking for was a chance to communicate with these industries rather than work within them. I was really sold by the Give A Grad A Go culture and opportunity to develop quickly and build up an exciting portfolio of clients I could manage. There's nothing more rewarding than helping graduates find their dream job and helping a company build their teams with hard-working graduates.

The worst job I've had

I found myself working in the energy industry before I worked at Give A Grad A Go. It was really interesting to learn more about energy, but setting margins for huge corporate energy tenders felt a little bit out of my comfort zone!


"Camilla has been such a pleasure to collaborate and work with. Her passion to support students and the community is demonstrated through her enthusiasm to deliver on various topical workshops aimed to build up student employability skills in-line with industry demands."

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