Ben Taylor

Managing Director

I'm the Managing Director, meaning my role is to supervise and manage the every day operations of Give A Grad A Go Australia and London. I make sure our team are keeping a consistently growing quality of service and operation, offering graduates and clients the best possible service.

My area of expertise

My responsibility is to make sure our teams are continuing to offer fantastic levels of service to our clients and graduates, and that we're working with the best businesses around. We want to forge unparalleled career journeys for our graduates. I joined Give A Grad A Go as a fresh graduate, so can relate on a personal level to both job seeking post-university and climbing the ranks of a growing business.

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

As a proactive recent graduate, I had decided to pay a visit to the Give A Grad A Go London office to explore career opportunities. I was pleasently suprised by the lively atmosphere and team spirit at Give A Grad A Go, and when Cary got in touch the same day of my visit to invite me in for a trial, it felt like a perfect fit. I've been part of the team since 2011!

The worst job I've had

The worst job I've have would have to be to be standing in the ice cold London weather trying to sell a variety of meat at a farmers market in London Fields. It could have been enjoyable and rewarding to have a queue of customers on a warm summers day; however, working a relatively new market with a generous estimate of approximately 10 customers visiting wasn't particularly stimulating. Especially considering I was paid commission of the days sales! Nonetheless, it was a good way to grow resilience and learning the art of making every sale count.

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