Tyler Ashton

Graduate Recruitment Consultant

I’m a Graduate Recruitment Consultant at Give A Grad A Go, so my role involves matching graduates with exciting companies looking to hire in the UK and across the globe.

My area of expertise

As a Graduate Recruitment Consultant, my area of expertise is customer service and sales. I enjoy client-facing roles as it gives a nice bit of variety to the work day. My day-to-day will consist of helping to match graduates with their ideal roles.

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

I didn't directly apply to GAGAGO but was looking for recruitment roles in general. Having been almost put off the industry by the work culture (work/life balance), I was drawn to GAGAGO because of the positive environment that I saw when attending the interview.

The worst job I've had

Before starting this job, I had signed up for a job that was misrepresented lets say! I had to conduct door-to-door sales where I had to convince people to switch their broadband providers. Being suited and booted to essentially knock on peoples doors and bother them for hours on end was not why I went to university and studied for a degree!