Shivank Nambiar

Recruitment Consultant

I'm a Recruitment Consultant at Give A Grad A Go, so my role involves matching talented candidates with exciting companies looking to hire graduates in the UK and across the globe.

My area of expertise

As one of the newest members of the Give A Grad A Go recruitment team, I'm working with our Senior Consultants and Key Account Managers across a variety of roles, in all sorts of sectors. I'm really looking forward to expanding my skills and learning about graduate recruitment so I can help match talented candidates with the role that's right for them.

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

Though I didn't initially apply for a role at Give A Grad A Go, I was struck by how friendly and professional they were. So when I received a call about an opening within the Give A Grad A Go team, joining was a very easy decision.

The worst job I've had

The worst job I've had would have to be an internship at a law firm. They hadn't organised their paperwork for years, and for the first week I was told to head down into the stuffy basement and organise their files. There was no electricity, no windows and no chance of me working there ever again!

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