Megan Pease

Senior Consultant

I'm a Senior Consultant, so my role involves matching talented candidates with exciting companies looking to hire graduates.

My area of expertise

Being fairly new to the team here at Give A Grad A Go, I have the opportunity to recruit for candidates in every industry from software engineers to marketing execs; no day is the same! Having worked in sales and customer service basically since learning to walk, I must admit I always enjoy talking to the next generation of Alan Sugars and helping them figure out the right path for them!

Why I chose to work at Give A Grad A Go

The fast-paced, lively environment fits my personality down to a T. From the first time I stepped into the office for my interview, I was met by a friendly atmosphere and infectious spirit which I have never experienced anywhere else! The team is 100% what makes Give A Grad A Go so special.

The worst job I've had

Can I only pick one? When I was on a working holiday visa out in Aus, I endured three months of hard labour on a farm in the middle of nowhere! Having graduated with a degree in university just 6 months before, never had I ever considered that I would be spending every day waking up at 3am to chase a bunch of chickens round a barn trying to give them their vaccinations!

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