David Gibson

Recruitment Consultant

I'm a Recruitment Consultant at Give A Grad A Go, so my role involves matching graduates with exciting companies looking to hire in the UK and across the globe.

My area of expertise

As a recent graduate myself I can relate to the candidates we provide exciting opportunities for, and can understand their concerns. I enjoy speaking to many graduates every day about their aspirations and what we can do to make that dream a reality. My particular area of focus is within the banking and finance sector.

Why I chose to work for Give A Grad A Go

Using Give A Grad A Go myself to find a job after graduation, I was on the hunt for client facing roles when I was approached with the opportunity to work for them. Seeing the vibrant and energetic work environment, combined with rapid progression opportunities, I realised it was right for me.

The worst job I’ve had

I’m fortunate enough in my career so far not to have any shockers (yet), but sitting as a life guard for hours on end can prove dull.

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